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10C Shared Spaces

42 Carden Street
tel: 519-780-5030 • fax: 519-780-5030
[email protected]

17590398 Ontario Ltd. / Jamaican Patty

51 Macdonell Street

39 Carden Street

38-40 Carden Street
tel: 519-265-8338
[email protected]

Abbeyfield Guelph FUND

40 Baker Street
tel: 519-993-1209 • fax: 519-821-8215
[email protected]

ACORD A Community for Offender Reconciliation and Diversion

128 Woolwich Street
tel: 519-821-1602 • fax: 519-821-8963
[email protected]

Acqua Quebec Studio & Retreat

30 Quebec Street
tel: 519-826-0715 #2 • fax: N/A
[email protected]

Acqua Salon

98 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-826-0715 • fax: 519-821-8383
[email protected]

Action Read

8 Cork Street East
tel: 519-836-2759 • fax: 519-836-7020
[email protected]


55 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-763-7783 • fax: 519-763-1668

Afterlife Video Game Lounge

101 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-240-7780
[email protected]

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Diana Downtown

141 Wyndham Street North • 519-836-3460

The menu at Diana Downtown over these past two decades has been infused with spice, colour, taste and style to reflect the roots of an African-Indian-Middle Eastern history rooted here in Guelph, Ontario. The first introduction of coconuts, coriander and cayenne in the late 1980s brought waves of praise, interest and a new flare to a once predominantly Mediterranean-based menu. This evolution in its menu grew to what you now see in front of you: a fusion of what not only represents Canadian diversity but also a humble offering from a family who prides itself in nourishing the palates, the souls and the minds of all those who come as clients but who leave as friends.



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