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Guelph City Realty Ltd.

147 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-821-4610 • fax: 519-822-6821
[email protected]

Gummer Building

5 Douglas Street
tel: 1-877-571-1100 • fax: 519-837-4012

Old Quebec Street Shoppes & Office Suites

55 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-837-0259 • fax: 519-837-2280
[email protected]

Park Mall Management Office

2 Quebec Street
tel: 519-823-2040 • fax: 519-823-8240
[email protected]

Skyline Group of Companies

5 Douglas Street, Suite 301
tel: 519.826.0439
[email protected]

The Tricar Group

152 Macdonell Street
tel: 519-652-8900 x 119
[email protected]

Williams & McDaniel

66 Macdonell Street
tel: 519-836-9721 • fax: 519-767-0771
[email protected]

Wyndham Street Investments Inc.

45 Chapel Lane
tel: 519-836-4582 • fax: 519-836-0144
[email protected]

Guelph School of Art

125 Wyndham Street North • 519-767-1317

The Guelph School of Art reflects the dynamic visual art scene that makes our city unique. Instructors with top credentials are part of the GSA. Several have experience teaching at the university level. All bring passion for the creative process to our small classes.

We have classes and workshops year-round, as well as March Break and summer daycamp. March Break and the We offer classes suited to both the beginner and seasoned artist in a range of media and specialties.

Check for class schedules on our website.


Monday to Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed

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