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Variety & Dollar Store

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B Mini Mart Variety

94 Carden Street
tel: 519-837-9490 • fax: 519-837-9490

Macdonell Variety

67 Macdonell Street
tel: 519-822-4676

Park Mall Convenience

2 Quebec Street
tel: 519-821-0600 • fax: 519-821-9781

Royal Variety

68 Macdonell Street
tel: 519-837-2031

World News Plus

55 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-837-1612 • fax: 519-837-1612

Wyndham Variety & Pet Supplies

117 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-824-2382 • fax: 519-824-2382

10 Carden

10 Carden Street • 519-780-5030

10 Carden

10 Carden is a community "hub" offering not for profit groups, social enterprises and individuals, affordable and accesible shared space. Access to the space is within a variety of membership packages tailored to suit individual needs. 10 Carden has a great store front across from the new City Hall and is perfect for Board meetings, large presentations (seating up to 70), as well as smaller scale meetings and working sessions of 5-6 people; as well as collaborative and individual work. Access to this prime location and shared equipment/ facilities will help smaller groups with capacity building and let them become more visible in the community.


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