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Royal Gold Jewellery & Precious Metals

65 Wyndham Street North
tel: 519-265-8858

The Bookshelf Greenroom & eBar

41 Quebec Street
tel: 519-821-3311 • fax: 519-821-6422
[email protected]

The Modern Bride

15 Wyndham Street N Suite F
tel: 519-822-0909
[email protected]

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Guelph Midwives

176 Wyndham Street North
Suite 3
• 519-823-9785

Registered midwives in Ontario provide comprehensive primary care to healthy, low-risk women through all stages of their pregnancy and birth, and continue to care for both mother and baby for up to six weeks postpartum.

Our emphasis is on the promotion of normal childbirth, the prevention of health problems and the recognition of pregnancy, birth and early parenting as normal healthy life events.

Midwifery in Ontario is a regulated health profession whose services are covered by the Ministry of Health. There is no direct cost to midwife clients for care at home or in the hospital.

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