2017 Guelph Community Santa Parade Volunteer Sign-up Form

Apply to be a volunteer at the Santa Claus Parade.

To apply to become a volunteer please fill out the following:

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You will be required to wear a costume (provided on the day). Banner holders must be over 14 years old, and are responsible for smiling and waving whilst carrying parade banners in front of marching bands for the entire 2km route (about 30 mins). Banner holders are also responsible for maintaining a safe distance between entries and are required to volunteer from approximately 11.30am – 3pm.

Must be over 16 years old. Crowd control keep spectators safe by keeping them off the parade route for the duration of the parade (approximately 1 hour) and knowing where the nearest washrooms are located. You will be required to wear a safety vest (provided) and be on site from 12.30pm for approximately 2-3 hours.

Adults with authority (over 21 years old) will be responsible for ensuring the safe set up of the staging area. You and a partner will be assigned a section of the staging area, are responsible for directing the parade entrants into their assigned spot prior to the parade, and then walking with this section in the parade to ensure the parade keeps moving and prevent any gaps. You will make sure that spectators do not crowd the road and that float participants are not distributing anything other than candies. You will be required to volunteer from 10.00am to approximately 2.30pm.


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The Dragon

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